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Agricultural Region

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Russell Sewell

Candidate for Agricultural Region


Russell Sewell comes from an old Western Australian farming/settler family with familial ties extending from Geraldton in the north to Esperance in the south.


Educated in Western Australia and with a strong trade and engineering background, Russell developed further into automated industrial control and software engineering.


Russell worked and lived in Hong Kong and China during the early development of Chinese industry from the mid-'80s through to 2003. At a technical level, he was instrumental in the modernisation of the Chinese iron and steel industry, upon which much of Western Australia’s current good fortune is so dependent today.


Upon returning to Western Australia in 2003, Russell established his own business activities which included machinery design and construction; import, export and distribution of machinery; and marine construction along with the occasional consultancy.


Russell soon became concerned that so much of Western Australia’s manufacturing and support industry had moved off shore or to the east coast - leaving behind mostly mining and agriculture. Whilst our agricultural and primary production is world-class and generally has ready markets, our mining sector is largely dependent on one customer, and that one customer is developing supplies in other countries.


Russell believes securing the future of Western Australians requires the broader development of our base industries, to remove our somewhat singular economic reliance on the State’s traditional outputs, and develop new industries for Western Australians of today and the future.


To best develop Western Australia for Western Australians requires independence from an east coast-centric Federal Government. A Federal governance which bleeds us for all they can get (with the tacit support of the major political parties in this State), and which mainly supports economic development opportunities in the major population centres of the eastern states.

This is the last opportunity for Western Australian independence. Don't let it pass by.

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