Kalgoorlie Electorate

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Rustu Buyukcakar

Candidate for Kalgoorlie Electorate

I am a disciplined and determined individual with a passion for politics. My interest with politics began from studying the subject in High School. I love having conversations with individuals from different backgrounds and discussing the many different issues that are affecting us all today. I have previously worked in the legal profession and am currently pursuing a post-graduate degree in law.

I have studied politics as a subject in both high school and university and have had politics as a hobby since my early high school years. I feel I have new and innovative solutions to the problems that are facing Western Australia as a result of being from a younger generation compared to the majority of parliament. I was a very active student at my previous university, Curtin University. I represented Curtin by being an Ambassador, a role which involved facilitating events designed to provide high school students with more insight about university life. I have previously worked in the legal profession in an administrative capacity and have also worked other customer service jobs. I feel this has grounded me and made me a very personable individual.

I am 21 years old. I am half Turkish and half Australian. I was born and raised in Western Australia. I am currently a full-time student pursuing a Juris Doctor degree at the University of Western Australia. I feel my upbringing was incredibly unique, as from a very young age I was exposed to different cultures. My father is Turkish and Muslim whereas my mother is Australian and Agnostic. This made each household incredibly unique which fostered me to be incredibly open-minded from a young age. Coming from this different background, I feel this allows me to have a unique perspective and subsequently have unique solutions to issues facing Western Australia.

I am incredibly passionate about contributing and developing my local community. When I lived in Perth, I volunteered at Vinnies in Cannington. When I lived in Mandurah I volunteered at my mother’s school, assisting the students during classes. I also previously volunteered during the last federal election which involved handing out how to vote cards on election day.

It is a privilege to not only have the opportunity to represent the Kalgoorlie electorate but to do so with a party that strongly aligns with my values and vision for Western Australia, the WAxit party. The federal government has eroded power from the States ever since the 1940’s. I hope that Western Australia as a state can regain all of this lost power and the only way to possibly to do this is through secession. I look forward to your support.