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North West Central Electorate


Brendan Mckay

Candidate for North West Central Electorate


Brendan Mckay grew up on a large mixed-enterprise farm in the shire of Chapman Valley.


For many years Brendan had a career in the transport industry - commencing as a Driver/Operator before progressing to Fleet Controller and eventually to running a livestock transport company both intrastate and interstate. Brendan retrained as a technician in the security industry. Ten years later he is the owner of one of the leading providers of technical security services in Western Australia. Brendan is married with two sons and a daughter.


Brendan is a proud Western Australian. He sees the State as being uniquely positioned to be fully self-sustainable and funded with the potential to offer world-class innovation and supply of everything from mining and agriculture to technologies and manufacturing.


Brendan Mckay has a strong work ethic and looks forward to representing the State seat of North West Central, with which he has strong family and business connections. He sees the potential and possibilities that Western Australia has to create a future that we can all celebrate and be part of. He considers the WAxit Movement provides all Western Australians a voice in parliament and a real opportunity to create our own independent future together.

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