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North Metropolitan Region

John Gowlaski.jpg

John Golawski

Candidate for North Metropolitan Region


John Golawski sees himself as an average bloke who has proudly called
Western Australia home for the past 35 years. An elite sportsman in his youth,
he and his wife escaped an oppressive Communist regime to give their children a better future. He is a devoted parent and grandparent, having raised his 2 children and 3 grandchildren in the Perth Northern suburbs (Beldon, Iluka, and Nedlands).

Like many migrants before him, John came to Australia with very few
possessions but with very big dreams. When he sees something is broken, he
is motivated to fix it. All of his life he has fought impossible odds, but he wins
because he never gives up.

As a small business owner himself, he founded the Small Business Party to give
a voice to 230,000 small business owners in WA and the SBP has now
morphed into the WAxit (WA exit) Party to represent all freedom-loving
Western Australians who are fed-up with self-serving major party politicians,
and with WA perennially getting the short end of the stick from Canberra.
John’s vision for WA in the 21 st century is for a fully independent nation, free of the exploitation and disdain of Australia’s Eastern States, and utilising our own natural and human resources to build a fairer, more egalitarian society, where hard work is duly rewarded.

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