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Mining & Pastrol Region

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Huw Grossmith

Candidate for Mining & Pastoral Region


Huw Grossmith was born in 1960 and came to Western Australia with his family in 1968.

As a young man, Huw served with the RAAF and was stationed in Victoria

After his service in the military, Huw worked for a time as an English teacher overseas.  Since then, his work has mostly been in the resource sector.  He has lived for many years in the mining areas of the Pilbara.  He is currently a resident of Port Hedland.

Huw’s time in the resources sector and as a Pilbara resident has firmed his view that Western Australia, and the Pilbara Region in particular, has been badly let down by successive State and Federal Governments who reap huge financial rewards but give little back.

Huw understands the concerns of Pilbara residents about the lack of infrastructure and government services, and the cost of goods and services such as air travel.

Huw believes that the Pilbara region, and the state and people of Western Australia, should be the primary beneficiaries of wealth generated by the exploitation of our natural resources.  Huw believes that Western Australia should go its own way, free of the shackles of the Federation that are holding us back.

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