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Pilbara Electorate


Joan Lever

Candidate for Pilbara Electorate

WAxit Party endorses a candidate for Legislative Assembly seat of Pilbara The WAxit Party has endorsed Ms. Joan Lever as their candidate for the Western Australian Legislative Assembly seat of Pilbara. Pilbara is a large electorate in the North West of Western Australia.


The Pilbara area's economy is centered on mining, particularly iron ore, and a significant proportion of the voting population is Aboriginal. Joan Lever is an Aboriginal woman who grew up and attended school in the New Norcia area. Ms. Lever is a widow with two children and two grandchildren. She worked as a teacher for over ten years, mainly in the Pilbara area.


Ms. Lever is also a tireless contributor to many community organisations and is a retired Justice of the Peace. These attributes make her an ideal candidate for the Pilbara electorate. "I feel the opportunity to represent the Western Australian seat of Pilbara in the Legislative Assembly is the best way I can influence real change for my community locally and at the State level," Ms Lever said. "This electorate is one of the most significant drivers of the State and national economy, yet its fly-in/fly-out workforce means the area is largely forgotten at both State and national levels. I believe the WAxit movement offers the best prospects for a positive change for the Pilbara region and I am honored that the WAxit Party has endorsed me and provided me with this opportunity," Ms. Lever said. "I firmly believe that the WAxit Party is the only party that can truly future proof Western Australia through our ultimate goal of secession.


Our intention is to achieve financial and political independence from the rest of Australia that will allow us to develop our own Western Australian nation. This will include using all taxes collected in Western Australia for the benefit of Western Australians rather than to support other States. We want to ensure that jobs in the resources industries are for Western Australians and, in particular for those who live in the Pilbara.


We want to expand economic activities to encompass onshore mineral processing, defence manufacturing/maintenance, and develop and improve security assets. Development of our Pilbara region beyond its current role as just an area for mining is exactly what is needed to allow Western Australia to invest in its people and prosper for the future," Ms. Lever said.


For more information, please contact Russell Sewell Phone 0410 840 168

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