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The new party behind the push for WA to be its own country

- Oliver Peterson

A recent survey by Utting Research revealed one-in-four West Aussies would be in favour of the state seceding from the rest of the country.

A new state political party founded by former members of Clive Palmer’s United Australia Party are behind the push.

Co-Founder, Leader and Chairman of the WARepublic Party Russell Sewell told Oliver Peterson there is an appetite for the state to go it alone.

“It’s been underlying for more than 100 years,” said Mr Sewell.

“Today more so than any other time we’re seeing the fragility of federation and what federation has offered to this state.

“And the attempt at control by an east coast-centric government telling us what we should and shouldn’t do.”

Premier Mark McGowan made comments that founders Mr Sewell and Peter McLernon are “Clive Palmer’s people.”

Mr Sewell hosed down these comments saying they have resigned from the party. LINK :

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