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WAxit Party - Press Release

Media Statement 26 February 2021

WAxit Party will not change Electoral Act.

The WAxit Party has reaffirmed that it has no intention to seek amendments to the State’s Electoral Act or to reform the structure of the upper house in State Parliament. This confirmation follows concerns expressed in the media by National Party leader Mia Davies that Labor wishes to reduce the influence of non-metropolitan regions in the State’s legislature.

WAxit Party spokesman Mr. Russell Sewell said the WAxit Party believes that a total rout of the Opposition will allow the Labor Party to run riot in its next term of government. Control of both chambers of the Parliament will allow Labor the opportunity to change the Electoral Act to reduce the opportunity for small parties and independents to win seats.

“This would be very bad news for all country regions of the State,” Mr. Sewell said. “Labor governments traditionally focus their programs and expenditure on the large urban population centres where they hold most of their support. Labor currently holds very few of the non-metro seats in the Legislative Assembly. Any reduction in the representation of non-metro regions in the Legislative Council would silence the voice of country people, who already struggle to be heard under the current system,” he said.

The WAxit Party is not opposed to the concept of ‘one vote, one value’ but believes the best way to address this is by reversing the population drain from the regions. “The WAxit Party’s policy is to address the issue of diminishing non-metropolitan populations by stimulating the diversification of the economy, adding value to mineral and agricultural products locally, and encouraging investment and growth in country regions,” Mr. Sewell said.

The WAxit Party is contesting both upper and lower house seats at the 2021 State Election.

Media contact: Mr. Russell Sewell – WAxit Party Spokesman - 0410 840 168 (Mob)

Authorised by Russell D Sewell for WAxit Party, 188 Welshpool Road Welshpool 6106 WA.

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