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WAxit Party - Press Release - 25 February 2021

Media Statement 25 February 2021

WAxit Party appalled Kirkup is out for the count.

The WAxit Party has expressed astonishment at Liberal leader Zac Kirkup’s apparent capitulation on the State Election outcome more than two weeks before the poll concludes.

WAxit Party spokesman, Mr. Russell Sewell, reminded Mr. Kirkup that, if one week is a long time in politics, then two weeks is an eternity.

“Normally, party leaders facing a likely loss focus their attention on saving the furniture’ – that is, preserve as many seats as possible from which to regroup and rebuild,” Mr. Sewell said. “Liberal Party supporters will be dismayed that their party leader has given up the fight too soon before the final bell,” he said.

The WAxit Party believes that a total rout of th

e Opposition will allow the Labor Party to run riot in its next term of government. Control of both chambers of the Parliament will allow Labor the opportunity to change the Electoral Act to reduce the opportunity for small parties and independents to win seats.

“History has shown that small parties and independents have played an important role in balancing political power,” Mr. Sewell said. “Opposition parties can work with small parties and independents to prevent the most unpalatable policies coming into law,” he said.

“The principal concerns of the WA Branches of both Liberal and Labor are the prospects of their parties in national politics. Mark McGowan and Zac Kirkup are just small cogs in their big party machines,” Mr. Sewell said. “Western Australia just doesn’t rate at a national level, and this situation will only get worse when we lose another Federal seat at the 2022 Federal Election,” he said.

“The WAxit Party’s primary focus is on what is in the best interest of Western Australia,” Mr. Sewell said. “An increased majority for Labor, which is being predicted by the pundits, will not be good news for Western Australia. WA Labor will always toe the federal party line,” he said.

“We are very pleased with the groundswell of support that has grown for the concept of an independent Western Australia in the short time since the WAxit Party was formed. We think we will do well in the election. However, the WAxit Party does not believe we will walk into government in our first go. This will take time,” Mr. Sewell said. “Importantly, in the meantime, a strong vote for WAxit will send a strong message to both Scott Morrison and Anthony Albanese that Western Australians are concerned we are being taken advantage of and left behind by Canberra,” he said.

The WAxit Party is contesting both upper and lower house seats at the 2021 State Election.

- Media contact: Mr. Russell Sewell WAxit Party Spokesman - 0410 840 168 (Mob)

Authorised by Russell D Sewell for WAxit Party, 188 Welshpool Road Welshpool 6106 WA.

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